Training and Licensure

I achieved my Bachelor’s Degree in  Food and Nutrition with a concentration in Dietetics from Montana State University, Bozeman, in May of 2020. After working in clinical settings as well as public food service, I chose to continue my education in wellness with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I completed my program with IIN in 2022, and am certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

About Dawn (She/Her)

I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who worked in the high-paced Service Industry across the country for over a decade. Despite studying nutrition for six years, the stress and demands of my career caused me to suffer from constant pain and digestive ill-health. My education and solitary efforts didn't make enough of a difference in healing my body. Seeking help from various practitioners, I began to heal by integrating multiple healing modalities into my care. This, in combination with my prior education in Nutrition, led me to become the Health Coach at Great Turning Healing Center.

Over the past seven years, I have learned how to empower myself and change my story. I am no longer in pain, fatigued, or devastated by my body's dysfunction. Healing is an ongoing process that involves a complex relationship of methods and balances. It is a journey that looks different for everyone. Being well means having attention, intention, harmony, and a healthy relationship with oneself, one's home, and one's community, not only eating healthy food and hitting the gym.

I believe in providing integrative care for the whole person, and I work with a team of Acupuncturists and Functional Medicine Practitioners to support this approach. At Great Turning Healing Center, I work to help you feel your best in both body and mind. I strive to provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can feel truly cared for and have some fun along the way. Let me be a guide for you on a journey towards greater health and vibrancy.

A better life, a better world.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure towards better health and wellness? As a Health Coach, I've found that taking care of my own well-being has opened up a world of possibilities and passions. Whether it's exploring the great outdoors, savoring delicious food, or indulging in the arts, I know that feeling good in body and mind is the foundation for living life to the fullest. Let's work together to create a world full of Happiness, Love, Wisdom, Health and Kindness. Join me on this journey and together, let's rattle the stars!