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An Integrative Approach: At Great Turning Healing Center, we offer a truly integrative approach to wellness. Upon completing an initial Wellness Consultation with myself or one of our team members, you'll receive a personalized Wellness Plan. This will outline a potential treatment plan that can include Health Coaching, Acupuncture and Functional Medicine. 

Free Discovery Call

When you schedule a Free Discovery Call with Dawn, you can anticipate a 15-20 minute discussion about your primary health goals. Dawn will explain how Health Coaching can benefit you in relation to your specific wellness objectives, and address any questions about the Coaching Program that she would recommend based on your unique, multidimensional health needs and goals.

Foundational Wellness Consultation

A Foundational Wellness Consultation is an initial Health Coaching Session where you and Dawn will discuss an overview of your health history, current state of wellness and health goals. This Session lasts 45 minutes, focusing on establishing a foundation of health as it pertains to you as a bioindividual. You'll walk away with an understanding of options going forward, and resources to get you started on your health journey.

Price: $110

6 Week Program

The 6 Week Health Coaching Program includes a Foundational Wellness Consultation and five follow-up Health Coaching Sessions. This program is recommended for people seeking support in implementing treatment plans prescribed by another provider, or those looking to make changes to their physical wellness and nutrition. Educational resources are provided for specific topics of wellness, depending on the client's needs and goals.

Price: $594-$660. Discounts available for Prepaid Plans.

10 Week Program

The 10 Week Health Coaching Program includes an initial wellness consult and 9 follow-up Health Coaching Sessions. This program is recommended for people looking to make deeper changes around their wellness narrative. Areas of focus for coaching extend to career, home life, sociality and relationships, and spirituality. Included with this program are educational resources and virtual support between scheduled sessions.

Price: $990-$1,100. Discounts available for Prepaid Plans.

Group Health Coaching

Group Health Coaching is the perfect solution for balance seekers. Our Subscription style coaching brings individuals with challenges together in a group setting, providing strategies, tools, skill development, and support. Whether emotional, financial, or health-related, our evidence-based program provides accountability for improved wellbeing. With flexible subscriptions and open group sessions, fit coaching into your budget and schedule. Learn valuable tools applicable to yourself and the community through creative strategy and group support. Join like-minded individuals dedicated to enhancing energy, resilience, and wellbeing. 

Program Details

  1. Open Group, Subscription Style Program at $99/month
  2. Free Initial one-on-one session with Dawn for history and health vision
  3. Recommended minimum of 12 sessions (about 3 months) attending weekly
  4. Weekly group meetings: in person at Great Turning Healing Center on Tuesdays at 5 P.M. and virtually on Fridays at 12 P.M.
  5. Option to integrate care with Acupuncture and Functional Nutrition
  6. Membership in a community of health visionaries for connection and transformation
  7. Take home materials, skills, and tools for continued work outside sessions

Price: $99/month

Call the team at Great Turning Healing Center 406-599-0088 to schedule.


From Cathy in Bozeman MT, "Dawn was able to help me work toward my goals by encouraging me throughout the eight weeks we worked together. She had dietary knowledge that was very helpful. Dawn challenged me to be more in tune with my body so I could get the maximum benefit from my program. I had to be mindful of stress, fatigue, and dedicated to my elimination diet. She would ask me questions that would make me realize my progress. The most significant overall change I’ve noticed is that I will continue to eat a lot cleaner as a new way of life. Being gluten free isn’t as daunting as I originally thought. I would recommend Dawn to anyone who has to go through any dietary restrictions for knowledge and support."

Coming in 2023

I, in collaboration with the other practitioners affiliated with GTHC will be offering webinars and in-person education on various topics of health and wellness. These will be open to the public as well as previously enrolled clients.

Great Turning Healing Center

81 W Kagy Blvd.

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