Are you ready to embark on an adventure towards better health and wellness?

The Essence of Health Coaching

I focus on client-centered and personalized coaching, considering that every individual has unique biological and metaphysical needs. With almost a decade of education, experience, and ongoing mentorship, I collaborate with clients to develop effective strategies and offer guidance to bring about significant and holistic improvements in their health and well-being. My role is to provide a safe, supportive and accountable environment that allows clients to enhance their multidimensional health through an integrative approach.

What do Health Coaches Do?

A Health Coach provides personalized guidance for healthy living, helping clients with physical activity, nutrition, stress management, relationships, career fulfillment, and spiritual practices. They do not diagnose, prescribe or treat, but can assist in implementing treatment plans from a doctor or other health care provider.


Leah from Bozeman, MT--"Dawn has been such a wonderful individual to work with during my healing journey. I am very lucky we crossed paths, as I am surprised yet thankful at how beneficial working with a health coach was in my recovery. Dawn helped provide me with guidance to meaningful changes to my overall health and in my daily life, which I still use each day. I look back 6 months to when I started, and I don’t recognize that person, as I have made so many positive changes to mine and my family’s life after working with Dawn.

I would describe Dawn as a very kind and genuine person. I appreciate how much time and dedication she invested in my journey. Dawn did a great job making the process unique to what my needs were and set goals that were achievable yet challenging for me to attain."

Ready to embark on a journey towards wellness and experience a life free from stress, while being empowered to lead a healthier life?

Join me at Great Turning Healing Center for a personalized plan to achieve optimal health and wellness. Let's work together in a supportive and non-judgmental environment to bring greater vibrancy and vitality to your life. Contact me today to get started!

Great Turning Healing Center

Great Turning Healing Center

81 W Kagy Blvd.

Bozeman, MT 59715


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